Toasted Beet and Goat Cheese Sandwich

Over the last year or so I've been OBSESSED with beet and goat cheese salad. One night I decided it was time to make it into a SANDWICH. That turned out to be a really good IDEA! The cheeses melt together and make it GOOEY and warm, and the toasted buttered bread gives it just the right touch.

Toasted Beet and Goat Cheese Sandwich
4 sliced bread
Fresh mozzarella (I just break mine into little pieces)
Goat cheese (I just crumble this)
Sunflower seeds
Pickled beets, thinly sliced
Romaine lettuce (use the crunchiest parts!)

Butter one side of each slice of bread and put the butter side down on the counter. (Yes, it's messy, but way easier in the long run!) Layer the mozzarella, goat cheese, sunflower seeds, and beets on 2 slices of bread. Top with the lettuce and a little more cheese so the sandwich "sticks" together. Place on a medium heated pan with the cheese and beet layer on the bottom first (this way the lettuce won't get soggy!). Flip when bread is brown and brown other side. Cut in half and enjoy.

TIP: I think some yummy artisan bread of some sort would make this sandwich really fabulous as well.

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