Leftover Cheeseball Sandwich

Every year my family makes a cheese ball for our HOLIDAY party and even though it is delicious, we always have LEFTOVERS. After a while, the "ball" with CRACKERS starts to lose its magic and I search for other ways to consume it without throwing it away. This cheesy-with-a-hint-of-heat SANDWICH is definitely my new favorite!

Leftover Cheeseball Sandwich
4 slices good-quality wheat or grainy bread
Leftover cheeseball
1 jar nacho jalapeƱos
Gouda or Havarti cheese slices
Turkey slices (deli or leftover works great!)

Lay bread on work space and spread a light layer of cheese ball over each piece. On 2 slices, layers the jalapeƱos, cheese slices, and turkey and then top with remaining bread slices. Cook like you would a grilled cheese.

TIP: Try not to get too carried away when spread the bread with the cheese ball, too much really is too much and will be too heavy.

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