Healthy But Oh So Delicious Fruit Smoothie!

This SWEET smoothie is sooooooo good! I make this most MORNINGS of the week, especially when I'm trying to EAT a little more on the HEALTHY side.

Healthy But Oh So Delicious Fruit Smoothie
1/2–1 cup skim milk
1/2–1 container light Yoplait yogurt, any flavor
1/2 banana
1 large handful fresh spinach (I like the baby organic from Costco)
5 or 6 baby carrots
1 handful frozen mixed berries (also from Costco)
4–6 ice cubes

Pour the ingredients in the order listed above into a blender (I use a Vita-Mix). Blend, starting slow, until everything is smooth and creamy. Enjoy!

TIP: Add a scoop of ground flax seed and a spoonful of wheat germ to be even healthier! Also, I suggest blending the smoothie ingredients until smooth, then stop and start again, blending for a while longer. That way any unblended chunks will drop to the bottom and will then be blended on the second go-round. :)

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  1. I love making a breakfast smoothie & experimenting with different ingredients. I hadn't tried carrots & spinach yet but I love it! I usually add a little soy protein powder. And have you ever tried about 1/4 cup all bran? Some texture & fiber. Yum!