Simple S'mores Rolls

Looking for a fun Father's Day TREAT? These S'mores with a twist are sure to put a smile on that SPECIAL guy's face! My kiddos loved putting these together, but I think they LOVED eating them even more. DAD got a couple too though, so it all worked out!

Simple S'mores Rolls
1 tube refrigerated crescent rolls (I used the reduced-fat)
Large marshmallows
Semisweet and milk chocolate chips
Cinnamon sugar

Roll out the refrigerator dough and separate all the triangles. (I just buy the cheapo brand that has 8 in a container.) Slightly spread out and flatten each triangle. Place a marshmallow and 6 or so chocolate chips—we did a mixture of both chocolates. Roll up and try to completely seal in the marshmallow and chocolate (we weren't completely successful as you can tell from the pics!). Roll in cinnamon sugar to coat. Bake according to package directions or until golden brown and firm. Eat warm!

TIP: These really don't reheat well, so be sure to eat them all!

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