Pioneer Woman's Turkey Spring Rolls

I love Thanksgiving LEFTOVERS, but sometimes like more than just a plate of heated leftovers. These definitely fit the "DIFFERENT" category. I found this recipe from the Pioneer Woman to be quite tasty and REFRESHING after a weekend of super heavy eating!

Pioneer Woman's Turkey Spring Rolls
Leftover Turkey
Rice Paper Wrappers
Soy Sauce
Rice Wine Vinegar
Sesame Oil
Chopped Cilantro
Finely Diced Carrots
Strips of Cucumber
Leafy Lettuce
Alfalfa or Bean Sprouts
Cellophane Noodles, prepared according to directions

Mix together chunks of turkey with soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, carrots, and cilantro. Taste and adjust whatever seasoning you'd like.

Follow directions to soften rice paper wrappers then layer in the softened noodles, lettuce, cucumber, sprouts, and turkey mixture.  Roll up and serve with soy sauce for dipping.

TIP: I served mine with cranberry sauce mixed with a little soy sauce.

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